Short Final, MIA at first light.

MIAMI —A sudden strike called by pilots at Aerolineas Argentinas and sister company Austral is causing severe travel disruptions today.

The strike action led by Argentina’s Air Line Pilots Association (APLA) and the Air Line Aviator Labor Union (UALA) was motivated by a dispute over wages, and it is expected to continue until today at 14:00, Buenos Aires time.

Dozens of domestic and international flights departing today from Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza and Aeroparque Airports have already been cancelled, with other services likely to be delayed or suspended.

Yesterday night, Aerolíneas Argentinas advised travelers to not to show up at the airports until it announces the resumption of flights.

In a press statement, the airline called on union leaders to “establish dialogue to avoid extreme measures that are detrimental to passengers and to the company.”

On the other hand, a statement by APLA claimed that the union spent “months looking for an answer to their demands,” so pilots can make a fair wage after the inflation experienced in Argentina since the last wage increase, that took place in September 2015.

Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral were privatized in 1990, and subsequently were reverted to the control of the state in 2008.