MIAMI – Naples-based (NAP) Italian cabin branding specialist ABC International has designed the new Corsair International (SS) branding.

The new branding is to be shown in its new Airbus A330-900 aircraft operated by SS on a lease agreement with Irish lessor, Avolon. The new cabin logo is part of the design modernization project undertaken by SS so to offer a new travel experience to its passengers.

Corsair Cabin branding logo on Airbus A330-900 – Photo,: ABC International

A First-time Cooperation for ABC International

On the occasion of a first-time collaboration, ABC International has developed an elegant logo that integrates and appears on strategic locations in the A330 cabin.

Working in cooperation with SS, the Safran Group, supplier of aircraft seats and galley for Corsair, as well as with Stelia Aerospace, supplier of galleys, ABC International has installed the first brand logo on the rear wall of Galley 1A, right in front of the first row of seats, the second on the sidewall of Galley 2A, which places the brand in front of the entrance and give passengers an immediate feeling of the carrier identity and cabin environment.

The third branding logo finds its place on the wall of Galley 4F, well visible for passengers walking in the aft direction of the cabin.

Corsair branding on Galley 4F Airbus A330-900 – Photo : ABC International

Comments from ABC International CEO

The cabin branding is composed of a brushed steel backplate with a chromed Corsair wording which is both elegant and resistant. On this subject, Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO ABC International, commented ” the main target of our designer was to give importance to a simple design making it elegant and with a truly linear style.”

ABC International is a leading EASA-DOA company based in Naples and since 2009 is a leader in the business and has provided branding logos to THY-Turkish Hava Yollari (TK), Etihad (EY), TAP Portugal (TP), Air Canada (AC), and Ethiopian Airlines (ET).

Featured image: CORSAIR F-HBIL AIRBUS A330. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways