Photos supplied by All Nippon Airways unless stated

LONDON – Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways has unveiled photos of its cabins ahead of commercial services with its Airbus A380.

The cabins and seat maps in terms of renderings were revealed last year but for the first time, we get to take a physical look around the aircraft.

JA381A will be placed into commercial service on May 24 when it will run services to the likes of Tokyo-Honolulu, which is a very busy route for the carrier.

Photo: Clement Alloing

This aircraft, which is in the ‘Honu’ sea turtle livery which is the first of three A380 aircraft in special designs.

The other two will feature an emerald green ‘Hawaiian Ocean” colour scheme featuring closed turtle eyes, with the third featuring an Orange ‘Hawaiian Sunset” livery with female turtle eyes.

Each A380 is going to be configured via an astonishing four-class set-up, being able to carry 520 passengers in total.

There will be 383 Economy seats on the lower deck as well as eight seats in First Class, 56 in Business and 73 Premium Economy on the top deck.

First Class Seats

These seats, which appear to be in a 1-2-1 setup has each seat accommodated with personal doors.

For in-flight entertainment, there is a 32-inch large screen monitor with wide tables. It has a PC and USB outlet plugs installed.

It also features additional lights to help with reading or eating additional meals.

On top of this, the First Class has a personal linen closet, offering even more personal privacy to your flight.

Business Class Seats…

The 56 seats in Business Class, like in First, are configured in a 1-2-1 layout, with all seats having direct aisle access.

They have only paired seats in the middle, but do not offer the same level of privacy you would experience in First as imagined.

For in-flight entertainment, there is an 18-inch touch-screen monitor, featuring outlets for a PC and two USBs.

There are also wide and side tables on offer for the flier when they are using this product accordingly.

Premium Economy…

The 73 Premium Economy seats offer a 38-inch seat pitch, with a 15.6-inch touch-screen monitor. ANA did concede that on the very first row of this class, that the monitors are actually 11.6 inches.

From the photos, it appears that it is being setup in a 2-3-2 configuration.

The seat also has a table that turns 90 degrees which enables passengers with easier access when walking around and trying to get out of your seat.

There are also head and leg rests that can be used on all seats in this class.

The headrest, in particular, is adjustable up to six dimensions. Finally, there is plenty of storage space and customary for in-flight entertainment, there are also PC and USB outlets.


The Economy class, which features 383 seats is in a 3-4-3 configuration. It currently utilizes the state of the art lightweight seat product.

It has two variations of fabric to brighten the atmosphere.

The Economy has been split into two versions, being the standard Economy and the ANA Couchii Economy.

Standard Economy will see around 34 inches worth of seat pitch while ANA Couchii is around two inches less at 32.

ANA does concede that with the ANA Couchii product, there is an additional fee to use its couches.

In terms of IFE, it features 13.3-inch touch-screen monitors (11.6 inches on the first row), offering PC and USB outlets also.

Like with Premium Economy, the headrest is adjustable to six different dimensions.


It remains clear that although ANA is offering a Premium product, the airline is marketing it in the correct way, especially with how rich and luxurious the likes of Honolulu can be.

Photo: Clement Alloing

Ultimately, it is not just a big investment into the aircraft with the new minor updates but it is a huge upgrade for those flying to and from Japan in Honolulu.

With more capacity from this upgrade, we could potentially see more affordable flying for a better-felt product.