MIAMI— It is no surprise to see early-production Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) are already being dismantled and scrapped, and some may wonder why. Well, in the eyes of commercial aircraft parts dealers, the aircraft is worth more in parts than whole. That is why these firms are going after the NGs over the ‘Classic’ (737-200, -300, -400, and -500) series.

In the early winter months of 2015, a dismantled Boeing 737-700 previously operated by Indian carrier JetKonnect (msn 28091/LN 223) will start a new life once the cut up job is completed. Scroggins Aviation, a Las Vegas-based company, purchased the remnants of the dismantled aircraft and will be in charge of cutting several airframe structures intended to become part of Boeing’s P-8 Poseidon training program. The rest of the fuselage sections, including the cockpit, will fold into Scroggins’ side of the movie mock-up business.


A total of three structures were cut from this 737-700, including the lower 43 section, the wheel-well and Environmental Control System (ECS) bay. The aft tail assembly that houses the auxiliary power unit (APU) was also cut, which also included the pressure bulkhead.

Scroggins plans for the airframe structures cut from the aircraft to build up the cockpit and main passenger cabin for its mock-up business in Las Vegas. The cockpit will be fully functional with working digital displays and a removable rear bulkhead for cameras to easily film the cast inside. The same for the cabin, it too will be built in sections making it easy for the production crew to maneuver their equipment in and around the set pieces.

Scroggins Aviation’s main business is to supply aviation mock-up & effects to the motion picture and television industry. It has built and fabricated aviation related mock-ups for several films including; Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys and FLIGHT just to name a few. And in upcoming productions; Captain America: Civil War and Independence Day: Resurgence both scheduled for summer 2016 release.