MIAMI – IndiGo (6E) has launched a new booking scheme, “6E Double Seat Service,” where passengers can book two seats for added safety.

The carrier introduced the service after it received concerns regarding COVID-19 and its safety measures.

With this booking option, the carrier said it expects to provide a “stress-free flying experience” for its customers.

IndiGo has been operating repatriation flights during the pandemic. Photo: Wiki Commons

New Booking Service, New Arrangements

The announcement of the new booking scheme came with the conditions for the 6E Double Seat Service.

If passengers book the service, they will travel following social distance protocols by having a seat and an adjacent one. However, the option only applies to original purchases.

Also, the boarding pass will indicate the two-seat modality for one passenger. The traveler does not need to do separate check-ins.

The one-booking double-seat service depends on availability, so travelers might need to choose another flight or travel date.

In addition, the airline said that customers can use this scheme many times as they want without paying extra. In fact, 6E says the service is great when carrying expensive or fragile articles, subject to security clearance.

Seats onboard the A320 in an IndiGo flight to New Delhi.
Photo: A. Wee.

Strict Adjustments

The service is available 24 hours prior to the flight and in various travel modalities. However, the company did state that customers cannot make changes after booking nor transfer the double seats to another party.

Further, any modification means the cancelation of the double seat service and the application of charges for both seats.

Moreover, seat selection is mandatory during purchase, so 6E will apply a fee policy for both seat selections.

Bulkhead Cabin seats onboard the A320 in an IndiGo flight to New Delhi.
Photo: A. Wee.

Efforts to Mitigate COVID-19

During the pandemic, the carrier has been operating repatriation flights. In June, it said it returned 546 citizens to India.

The latest approach reflects a new effort by the airline to comply with social distancing in some way or another.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) encouraged the urgent application of safety measures.

IndiGo is playing along in the hopes of giving its customers some reassurance to start flying again.

Featured image: IndiGo Airbus A320Neo VT-IJZ. Photo: ©Javi Sanchez