MIAMI – An ATR-42 from Indian regional carrier Trujet (2T) suffered a collapsed right main gear at Chennai Airport (MAA) due to a technical issue after performing a balked landing at Mysore (MYQ).

2T’s Jet VT-TMM ATR42 in MAA Airport Photo: Avherald

Flights Details

The ATR-72-212A, with registration VT-TMM and performing flight 2T-543 from Belgaum (IXG) to Mysore (MYQ), was on approach to MYQ’s runway 27 at 19:54L (14:24Z) when the aircraft touched down hard, leading to a loss of ground control by the Flight Crew.

In order to avoid a runway skid off, the Flight Crew opted to perform a go-around in order to assess the technical faults and preserve the 52 souls on board (47 Passengers and 5 Crews).

Following the balked landing in MYQ, the Crews could not retract the gear and the transponder signal was temporarily lost and recovered about 15 minutes later. However, the aircraft continued to operate the transponder in A-Mode, transmitting only the callsign without the recovery S-Mode.

Diversion to Chennai Airport

After the go-around at MYQ, the Crew decided to divert to MAA, possibly due to the meteorological condition at MYQ. At the time of the incident, the MYQ METAR presented the following regarding the airport’s Weather Condition when the ATR-42 performed the balked landing:

VOMY 161430Z 14008KT 4000 -RA FEW008 SCT012 OVC080 23/22 Q1015=
VOMY 161400Z 08009KT 4000 -RA FEW008 SCT012 OVC080 23/22 Q1015=

As per the Aerodrome Weather report, when the ATR-42 attempted to land at MYQ, there was 4Km (1.2SM) of Visibility, with Few Clouds at 800FT, Scattered Clouds at 1200FT, and Cloud Ceiling at 8000FT above the aerodrome elevation.

The Crew opted to divert to MAA roughly 210NM east from MYQ, flying for one hour at 2600FT at 180 Kts.

2T’s Jet VT-TMM ATR42 in MAA Airport Photo: Avherald

Following the Aeronautical Weather report, the Crew decided it was not optimum weather to fly due to the transition of a cold front.

The aircraft landed on Chennai’s runway 07 (length 3680m/12020 feet) at 21:09L (15:39Z) and suffered the collapse of the right main gear. The subsequent evacuation of the aircraft on the runway came thereafter.

2T’s Jet VT-TMM ATR42 in MAA Airport Photo: Avherald

After the Emergency Landing

Following the collapse of the right main gear, the ATR-42 was unable to taxi off the main runway after landing, leading MAA’s Airport authorities to engage the secondary runway.

The ATR’s hard landing caused a Singapore Airlines (SQ) flight SQ 8028 to be diverted to Bangalore due to the reduced capability of MAA’s Operations.

2T’s Jet VT-TMM ATR42 standing in MAA Airport Photo: Avherald

The ATR passengers disembarked onto the runway and were bussed to the terminal. The aircraft was towed off the runway about one hour after landing.

No fatalities or injuries have been reported but the ERS at MAA was released in the subsequent hours after the emergency landing, according to the official statement.

This is a developing story.

Featured image: Trujet VT-TMM ATR42 Photo:Hiren Bhingradia @hirenbhingradia