MIAMI – Since Christmas Eve, airlines have canceled more than 15,000 flights, and the chaos continued throughout the weekend, with 2,700 flights canceled Sunday on top of the 2,700 flights canceled on New Year’s Day.

According to USA Today, which analyzed the cancellation data based on the FlightAware tracker, the problem stems from personnel shortages caused by a surge in the omicron strain of the coronavirus and wintry weather surrounding important airports.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 N8305E. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways.

Cancelations Continue This Week

Over 3,600 flights were canceled on Monday as the East Coast braced for a snowfall that had already hit hubs in Denver and Chicago, according to the Washington Times.

According to USA Today, Southwest Airlines (WN) canceled more than 400 flights on Monday, accounting for 13% of its scheduled flights, and JetBlue (B6) canceled 136 flights, accounting for 13%.

To keep things moving, several airlines are offering incentives. The Air Line Pilots Association, United Airlines (UA) pilots’ union, won triple compensation for those who fill in on open routes for much of January, according to CNBC.

When purchasing a ticket, travelers should sign up for free SMS updates on flight status from airlines. They should also get the app from your carrier. In addition, travelers can also just enter their airline and flight number into a Google search bar to see the status. This is also useful for friends or family members who are waiting to pick them up.

To track larger flight trends across the country, Keyes recommended visiting the website FlightAware.

Featured image: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport