SEATTLE — Last weekend, Boeing commemorated its 100th anniversary, showcasing its “7 Series” jetliners in a lineup, similar to 2007 when the company was on the eve of rolling out its first 787 to employees. In this opportunity, Airways breaks down each aircraft included in this memorable ceremony.

(Credits: Paul Thompson)
(Credits: Paul Thompson)

Boeing 707-338C

Omega Air (N624RH • MSN 19624 • LN 689)

First flight: March 18, 1968

For the second time, Omega Air was included in the lineup with its 707 tanker, which stills classified as an experimental aircraft. This aircraft has a distinctive career, starting with Australia’s Qantas as a passenger jetliner, and after 11 years with the carrier, it was sold to the Australian Air Force in 1979, where it would be with them until 2011 when it was sold to Omega. Today, the aircraft stills serving as an aerial refueler, assisting to all branches of the United States Armed Forces.


Boeing 717-2BD

Delta Air Lines (N922AT • MSN 55050 • LN 5144)

First flight: May 18, 2005

Delta Air Lines was included in the 7-series line up with its 717, which was formally owned by AirTran Airways, the major 717 operator in the world, and which flew the 717 in for the original line up. This aircraft has only flown with two airlines, and would probably still be with AirTran today had they not merged with Southwest Airlines back in 2011.


United Airlines (Museum of Flight)

Boeing 727-22 (N7001U • MSN 18293 • LN 1)

First flight: February 9, 1963

Featured earlier this year on Airways when this aircraft made its way back down from Paine Field to Boeing Field to be displayed at the Museum of Flight, this 727 was the first ever produced by the company, and it was donated to the Museum of Flight in 1991 when it was flown to Paine Field where it spent 25 years being restored to its original condition and painted into a throwback old United color scheme before being flown down to Seattle on March 02, 2016.


Alaska Airlines

Boeing 737-990ER (N248AK • MAN 62469 • LN 5972)

First flight: June 18, 2016

Having been just delivered last month, this Alaska Airlines 737 features a special “Boeing’s Centennial scheme. The aircraft entered service earlier this week prior to the event, but even then it had a very limited amount of flights. The aircraft will also be showcased in the 2016 Oshkosh Airshow.


Cathay Pacific Cargo

Boeing 747-867F (B-LJN • MSN 62823 • LN 1532)

First flight: June 25, 2016

The Boeing 747-8 used for the lineup was a brand new Cathay Pacific Cargo that had just gotten out of paint in Portland earlier this week. This is the first 747-8F to feature the new Cathay Pacific branding, and it is expected to be delivered later this month. Currently Cathay Pacific, is the third largest 747 operator in the world.


United Airlines

Boeing 757-222 (N548UA • MSN 25396 • LN 420)

First flight: January 8, 1992

In the 2007 line up, a Continental Airlines 757-200 was used to represent the 757 family. In 2016, United Airlines brought one of its ‘fifty sevens’ for the lineup. The aircraft was flown up from Goodyear Phoenix airport where it was stored last April, and it will likely spend the rest of its life there unless it is picked up to undergo freighter conversion.



Boeing  767-3S2F(ER) (N137FE • MSN 61206• LN 1101)

First flight: June 21, 2016

FedEx, which was in the 2007 lineup when they provided the 727, featured this time its latest 767, just delivered last June 29th. It did one revenue flight from Memphis to Seattle, and then was ferried down that day to Boeing Field to take place in the weekend festivities.



Boeing 777-31H(ER) (A6-EPO • MSN 42334 • LN 1415)

First flight: July 7, 2016

Taking home the title for the newest aircraft in the lineup was this triple seven, which is set to become the carrier’s 157th when delivered. To date, Emirates is the largest 777 operator in the world and it’s one of the launch customers on the all-new Boeing 777-8/9X.


All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (JA880A • MSN 34553 • LN 447)

First flight: June 10, 2016

It would be fitting that the 787 to be featured for the first time in a 7 series lineup would be launch customer All Nippon Airlines, which is set to take delivery of its 48th Dreamliner soon. This aircraft was seen at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow, when it was flying the demo flights for Boeing during the bi-annual airshow. It arrived back in Seattle Wednesday night, where it was prepared for the line and show.

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