MIAMI – Air Nostrum (YW) is aiming to obtain €103m in State aid from the Spanish government to sustain regional air service, according to

The carrier claims that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a drag on recovery, touting the funding as necessary to keep staff employed while maintaining service.

The airline, reporting a EUR129 million loss in 2020, previously maintained consistent profits.

Air Nostrum ATR 72-600 with registration EC-LRH. Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia – @fsspotter1

Repayment and Recovery

Nostrum is aiming to draw the funding from the Fondo de Apoyo a la Solvencia de Empresas Estratégicas (Fund Supporting the Solvency of Strategic Companies), a special governmental fund created amid the pandemic.

Air Nostrum, while having to eventually repay the aid money, is pursing a joint plan with fellow-airline Volotea (V7) and DANTE Aeronautical to create a new electric plane, and is definitely looking towards the future.

Featured image: Air Nostrum Mitsubishi CRJ-1000 with registration EC-MXA. Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia – @fsspotter1