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5/30/1958: First Flight of the Douglas DC-8

This is the story of the legendary DC-8, from its inception to its first flight in 1958. 

11/29/1953: American Airlines Introduces the Douglas DC-7

The DC-7's introduction allowed American Airlines to become the first to offer non-stop transcontinental service.

9/18/1959: The DC-8 Enters Service With Delta Air Lines

Today in Aviation, the narrow-body airliner Douglas DC-8 enters service with Delta Air Lines in 1959.

Folded Wings: the Last Douglas DC-10 Passenger Flight

Experience the McDonnell Douglas DC-10's last passenger flight after nearly forty-three years of service.

1/27/1959: First Flight of the Convair 880

Designed to compete with the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, the prototype Convair 880 took to the skies for the first time in 1959.

February 2023

The year was 1961, and Trans Caribbean Airways was about to take delivery of its first Douglas DC-8-51. N8780R is seen flying over the coast of California in a photo session before delivery.   

June 2019

Our cover is a tribute to Delta Air Lines, and how the Atlanta-based carrier evolved to become one of the world’s leading airlines. The first jetliner of Delta, a Douglas DC-8 registered as N801E (fleet # 801) adorns this month’s

October 2017

This month’s Airways Feature is dedicated to the stunning, four-engined, 48-year-old Douglas DC-8 that NASA has transformed into a flying laboratory. The unique characteristics and equipment installed on this aircraft can be appreciated on this shot.

A Brief History of the Quadjet

Rediscover the four-engined commercial airliners that revolutionized the air travel industry.

10/30/1955: Commercial Flights Begin at Chicago O’Hare

Today in Aviation, the first commercial flights arrived at Chicago's new international airport, "O'Hare," in 1955.

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