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6/29/1962: First Flight of the Iconic Vickers VC10

The prototype - G-ARTA - took 19 minutes to fly to nearby Wisley, where extensive further testing and cabin fitting were carried out.

3/29/1981: BA Retires the Iconic Vickers VC10

Today in Aviation, British Airways (BA) retired from its fleet its last Vickers VC10, a mid-sized, narrow-body long-range jet.

A Brief History of the Quadjet

Rediscover the four-engined commercial airliners that revolutionized the air travel industry.

Becoming a Commercial Aviation Historian

Airways speaks with Shea Oakley about his career as a commercial aviation historian and the importance of the field.

8/09/1963: Cunard-Eagle Renamed British Eagle International

Despite joining forces in March 1960, just two years later British Eagle's relationship with Cunard had soured and the airline was renamed.

7/16/1948: Maiden Flight of the Vickers Viscount

The first Vickers Viscount aircraft took to the skies from Wisley, Surrey, on its maiden flight today in 1948.

7/15/1958: Ghana Airways Commences Operations

The airline had been founded earlier that month to take over the services of West African Airways Corporation (WT).

5/31/1946: London Heathrow Begins Commercial Operations

This is the story of how London Heathrow Airport (LHR) officially opened for commercial air travel.

The Humble Beginnings of Gulf Airlines

The Middle East is today's most prominent connecting hub, shared by a few carriers from the region.

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