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Americanís New Logo 737 Event at JFK
by Sebastian Toovey†

On Friday, January 25, 2013, American Airlines celebrated its new look at Terminal 8, Gate 14, at JFK, displaying the first aircraft to appear in that scheme, a Boeing 737-800. This celebration was one of many being held at AA hubs to mark the unveiling of the revised logo, the first for 40 years.

  The three-hour media and customer experience event included an impressive buffet. Many employees from different departments were on hand. Attendees were able to inspect the aircraft's cabin and access the ramp for photo ops.

Employees at the event were unanimous in their determination to put American back on top and make it the best airline in the sky. The unification of union employees toward this common goal is an optimistic sign that the airline is overcoming many of its past labor issues.

  As well as aircraft and airport signage, the revamp will include new uniforms for flight attendants and airport staff, from customer service agents to fleet service clerks. American plans to upgrade existing fleet interiors to be similar to the 777-323ERs, 787-9s, A321s, and A319s on order.

  Out of JFK, the 737-800 flies transcontinental to San Diego and Seattle, and to leisure destinations such as Cancún and Las Vegas; there is also a Miami rotation to Manaus, Brazil. The 737-800 is fast becoming American’s workhorse to the Caribbean and Central America. It offers a more fuel efficient alternative on domestic routes previously operated by the Super 80s and 757s. Miami and DFW currently are the two largest hubs for 738 operations.

  American’s newer 737-800s, such as fleet number 3JT, feature the latest 'Domestic First Class' seats and a 'Main Cabin Extra' section (rows 8 through 17) with more legroom over regular coach. The Boeing Sky Interior offers four LED mood light-settings creating an enhanced ambiance.

  Currently, American is upgrading all 737-800s delivered before number 3GY/N867NN in 2011.

Number 3JT/N908NN, the first 737-823 with the new look, was delivered to American on November 19, 2012. After painting, ship 3JT re-entered service on January 21, 2013.



Scenes from Gate 14.

American had a full flight crew on hand to show off the aircraft.

Main Cabin Extra versus standard coach seating.


The new Domestic First Class seating (seats 5A and 5B pictured).

Boeing Sky Interior LED lighting in transition versus standard lighting.

An FA demonstrates the ease of closing the larger overhead luggage bins. AA statistics show that these new bins allow for 48 additional bags to be stowed in the main cabin.


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